An overview of how to use the Banner Season platform.

Quick Tutorials

Unlimited Campaigns

Adding simple marketing sequences we call campaigns can be a game changer for your business.


If you can send a text message, you can send a card or gift.

Address collector

Easily collect mailing addresses just by sharing a simple link.

Person Finder

Find mailing addresses just by searching for someone using a their name and city.

Detailed Tutorials

System Overview

Learn how to navigate the Banner Season system and how to access various features.

How to Create a Custom Greeting Card

Learn how to easily create a custom greeting card with Banner Season.

How to Send a Greeting Card

How to send a greeting card with the Banner Season system.

How to Use the Address Book

How to navigate and use the address book to store your contacts.

How to Upload Contacts

How to import contacts into your address book using an Excel Spreadsheet.

Design Store Tour

A quick demonstration of the Design Store which is loaded with pre-made templates.

How to Create a Birthday Campaign

Learn how to create a simple birthday card campaign.

How to Manage Campaign Recipients

Learn how to add and manage who receives your campaigns.

How to Integrate 3rd Party Apps

Learn how to integrate Shopify with Banner Season using Zapier.com.